Chris Herring - Software Developer / BI Consultant


Intellimax Solutions

Lead Developer / BI Consultant

2005 - Present

At Intellimax Solutions we provide Performance Management solutions to businesses to aid in decision making.

  • Created and maintain an advanced web reporting solution that provides comprehensive reporting and dashboarding functionality.
  • Added mobile & tablet support to the web reporting solution.
  • Rewritten and maintained a Excel reporting solution from Excel 2003 through to Excel 2010.
  • Have built services to support communication between our various products.
  • Designed and developed various BI solutions for clients such as Telstra, SkillsDMC, Cetnaj, Comgroup, Capitalis.
I have utilized a wide variety of technologies in my work at Intellimax Solutions however the main focus is around the Microsoft stack.


Widget Library

Pure Javascript

In Development

In the process of developing a custom javascript library that aims to provide easy to use, fast, pure javascript controls. The controls I am develop will include both some commonly used controls as well as some controls that I have seen few examples of but are very useful in certain applications.


Dance School Mangement System

Backbone.js / ASP .NET Web Application

In Development

A application that aims to simply the administration side of running a dance school. The application has been written primarily for my wife, Amelia, but I also aim to release to the wider community.
Currently the system manages:

  • Invoicing
  • Student Enrolments
  • Class Enrolments
The system has been developed as a backbone.js client side application using Web Pages & SQL on backend and is hosted using AppHarbor.

Card Game

iPhone / Android Corona (Lua) Based Card Game

In Development

Currently a rough version exists of a simple card game for 2+ players with optional AI opponents. The game is still in development.

To Be Disclosed

Machine Learning Based Web/Mobile Application

In Development

I am currently studying machine learning methods in the interest of providing a commerical application that utilizes this to provide users with a solution that can aid in decision making for a specific need.

Web Sites

Grace 'n' Groove

Wordpress Site


Grace 'n' Groove is a dance school based in the Brisbane suburbs of Bardon & Paddington.

Excelsia Dance

Wordpress Site


Excelsia Dance is a brisbane based dance company.


Griffith University

1998 - 2001


Bachelor of Information Technology with Honors (1 year)
Bachelor of Information Technology with Advanced Studies (3 years)